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Zoning Permits: Sheds and Accessory Structures

Did you know you are required to get a zoning permit for any shed or accessory structure being built within Bath Township?

That’s right, even smaller sheds that do not require a building permit still require a zoning permit! Bath Township has restrictions on size and placement of all accessory structures. There are some exceptions for bona fide agricultural buildings, but even those require a no-cost permit!

Failure to get a permit before building a shed or accessory structure could result in you being ordered to take down the structure, pay retro-active permit fees, or even face court action! Save yourself the hassle and get your permit up front! A Residential Accessory Structure Permit is only $50.

Additionally, on July 6th,2022, the Township Trustees passed a resolution temporarily pausing all retro-active permit fees for 120 days. So, if you have built a shed or other accessory structure without a zoning permit, come in between now and November and get a permit for only $50- no additional fees or fines will be added!

Questions? Email our Zoning Administrator Michelle Hudnell

Posted by Trustee Michelle Clements

Info provided by Zoning Admin Michelle Hudnell


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