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Township Office Work Session - August 23 @5:00pm

There will be a Township Office Work Session on August 23 at 5pm, for organization of Township Office.

Audience Comments

  1. The Bath Township Trustees may afford any citizen of Bath Township an opportunity to speak at any regular meeting of the Trustees. The Trustees shall, by its rules, regulate the frequency, time, place upon the agenda, and rules and conduct of such persons to assure an orderly and efficient consideration of business.

  2. Each citizen shall be granted up to five (5) minutes during Audience Comments to speak at regular Township Trustee meetings. The Chairman shall ask the speaker to conclude speaking once three minutes has elapsed.

  3. No exceptions or extension of time shall be granted by the Chairman or by a request of a Trustee.

  4. No citizen may transfer his/her time to another citizen.

  5. Citizens must provide their name and address when addressing the Trustees.

  6. Audience comments must be done at the lectern to properly record comments and view on streaming video.

  7. Citizens and Trustees will maintain the proper decorum, civility, and respect for others in their actions and comments when present at the meeting.

  8. Outbursts from the audience will not be tolerated.

  9. A Township Trustee meeting is not an appropriate forum for audience members to ask specific questions of elected officials or staff. In many cases, research must be completed to address questions in a thorough and professional manner. Therefore, questions regarding Township business and requests for public records can be made by calling or emailing the Township administration during normal business hours.

  10. Audience comment time means that citizens in attendance may provide comment about Township business. Audience comments shall not become a “back-and-forth” dialogue between members of the audience and elected officials or staff. Elected officials and staff shall remain silent during Audience Comments. The Chairman shall reiterate the policy to audience members who wish to have their questions addressed during this time.

  11. Citizens may submit additional written information to the Administrator for distribution to the Trustees to extend their remarks if necessary.

  12. Questions and comments from the Facebook Live broadcast will not be read during the meeting.

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