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Road Department

Winding road

1018 Yellow Springs-Fairfield Road, Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Hours:  7:00am - 3:30pm, Monday through Friday


Road Superintendent:  Brad Moore

Road Crew:  3

Road Miles:  29.83

The duties of the road crew include:

  • Snow plowing

  • Road paving and repair

  • Street sign maintenance

  • Mowing ditches

  • Road striping

  • Weed spraying

  • Brush up-keep on roads

  • Bath Township Park and all vehicle repair and maintenance

Along every road, there is an area set aside for utilities, roadwork, drainage, and other necessary elements.  This area, called the “right of way,” is measured as 25 feet from the center line of a roadway, and/or 75 feet diagonally from the center of an intersection, unless otherwise marked.   All work being completed within the right-of-way area along a township-maintained road must first be issued a Right Of Way Permit.  The Road Supervisor and Zoning Administrator work together to issue and inspect these permits and work done within the right-of-way area. 

  • During the coldest part of the year when snow or ice are present, please keep parked vehicles off the streets for ease of snow removal and/or salt application.

  • Don’t rake leaves or debris in ditches and culverts during the fall season.

  • Report all water drainage problems to the Road Dept. at 937-878-9481

  • If you notice any problems with the up keep of the roads or ditches call 937-878-9481

  • If you become aware of dead animals or road kill, please notify Greene County Animal Control at 937-562-7400.

Helpful Tips

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