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1006 Yellow Springs-Fairfield Road, Fairborn, OH 45324

Current Zoning Office Hours vary:

To make an appointment, please email

Forms and payments can be dropped off at the office between 12pm-4pm most business days.


Phone:  937-878-0611

Fax:  937-878-9081

Zoning Personnel

Zoning Administrator & Zoning Inspector

Michelle Hudnell -

Zoning Clerk

Teresa Phillips

Zoning Boards

 We are currently accepting applications for alternate members to serve on the Board of Zoning Appeals, and Zoning Commission Board.

To apply, please contact

Zoning FAQs

Zoning How-To

File a Zoning Complaint

The Bath Township Zoning Department also acts as Code Enforcement for the township. The ordinances enforced are those found in the Bath Township Zoning Resolution, as supported by the Ohio Revised Code. Common complaints include junk vehicles and debris, noxious weeds and overgrown properties, businesses operating out of a residentially-zoned property, structures and work being done without a permit, and other health and safety issues. If you have a concern or complaint about a property within the township, please fill out the Zoning Complaint form.  We will be happy to look into it!

Submit a Zoning Question

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