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Grant Opportunity - Up to $2,400

Trustee Michelle Clements presented a grant opportunity to the township from the Ohio Department of Commerce.

This grant is for qualifying not-for-profit and local government cemeteries and helps defray costs of exceptional cemetery maintenance or training cemetery personnel in the maintenance and operation of cemeteries. Eligible applicants shall be cemetery operators properly registered with REPL, be a documented not-for-profit entity under the IRS tax code and be in compliance with any applicable endowment and/or preneed cemetery merchandise and services trust accounts.

If you remember, we've been discussing the crack in the side of the cemetery office for sometime. This grant is a perfect opportunity for the township to defray the cost of repairs as we have not applied for this grant in the past.

Mr. Bales submitted the proper grant paperwork in July and we are waiting to hear if we will be awarded. Thank you Mr. Bales for submitting the grant!

Posted by Trustee Michelle Clements


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